Lapland Trophy Club

Lapland Trophy Club is a meeting place for hunters and anglers from around the world who have discovered that Swedish Lapland is one of the best destinations internationally for hunting and fishing adventures. This website showcases many of the best trophies from Swedish Lapland.

By visiting one of the outfitters working with Lapland Trophy Club, you are guaranteed a fantastic adventure and now you can also show off your trophies on this website, assuming you comply with the minimum requirements.

All you need to do is book a trip and then bag your prey or fish. The outfitter will then help you to register the trophy.

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A patch and a certificate

In addition to a place on one of our trophy lists, you'll also receive a patch and a certificate as a memento.




Welcome to Trophy room

Excellent hunting and fishing trophies from Swedish Lapland can be found here.



What are the requirements of your trophy for it to be a part of Lapland Trophy Club? See here.


About Swedish Lapland

In Norrbotten and Västerbotten are magnificent scenery and great game and fish stocks. Read more here.