Examples of Trophies from Lappland Pro Natur.

Perch 50 cm (19.69 inch)
Patric Castes, France
Pike 120 cm (47.24 inch)
Marc Sitarz, France
Trout 4.8 kg (10.58 lbs)
Jacques Portman, France

Lappland Pro Natur

Västra Gafsele 144
91991 Åsele
073-822 94 82
070-680 83 74

Lappland Pro Natur

In middle of Lappland, Gafsele is the pike kingdom.
On the Ångermanälven river, Lappland Pro Natur welcomes you from May to September.
In Gafsele you have very good opportunities to catch big pike, perch and whitefish. In some waters you also can catch graylings and trouts. You may fish from boat (not in all waters), with float-tube or from the shore.
The fishing-area that Lappland Pro Natur offers includes the river "Ångermanälven", "Sämsjön", "Hällbymagasinet" and a dozen of lakes.

Lappland Pro Natur is a CATCH & RELEASE camp.

The Pike Kingdom (7 days)

In the middle of Lapland, Gafsele is the pike's kingdom. On the Ångermanälven river, the fishing camp Lappland Pro Natur welcomes you.

Original fishing package. (7 days)

The Angermanälven river hides some of the biggest pike in the area.