Guided Fishing Trip (2 days)

The guide leads you to some very exiting waters where few people ever goes.

Fishing in streaming water (1 day)

Gives you the opportunity to go fly fishing, spin fishing and bait fishing in some very interesting waters in Lapland, near our Wilderness Lodge.

Frekko Fishing (1 day)

We fish for salmon, grayling and trout in the rivers Torne, Lainio, Tärendö, Kalix and Kaitum.

Fishing beneath the midnight sun (5 days)

On an island in the river Muonio , looking out over two countries – Sweden and Finland, lies Rajamaa. We have fully equipped chalets and a restaurant.

Salmon Fishing (4 days)

Mariebergs Viltfarm is an eco-farm located right on the beautiful, unspoiled Kalix River. We fish in both the Kalix and Torne River depending on where the salmon fishing is best for the season.