Northern Pike, European Perch (7 days)

Fishing in Fredrika is best experienced from one of our boats! We offer quality fishing for pike and perch.

The Pike Kingdom (7 days)

In the middle of Lapland, Gafsele is the pike's kingdom. On the Ångermanälven river, the fishing camp Lappland Pro Natur welcomes you.

Original fishing package. (7 days)

The Angermanälven river hides some of the biggest pike in the area.

Combination package (4 days)

This is a four-day fishing adventure with access to several lakes. The accommodation will be as follows: two days in our comfortable Wilderness Lodge and two days in our Reivo wilderness cottage.

Wilderness Fishing far away from the civilization (3 days)

You have exclusive access to our private lake during your whole stay. The package is self-catering but you have the opportunity to buy supplies in the café at the Wilderness Lodge.

Reivo Fishing Package (3 days)

These lakes (and cottage) are ideal for those who want to experience exciting fishing in the wilderness, yet have civilization nearby.

Guided Fishing Trip (2 days)

The guide leads you to some very exiting waters where few people ever goes.

Fishing in the Lodge Lakes (1 day)

Option to buy full-catering at Wilderness Life Café. The lakes are equipped with a simple boat, it is however also possible to fish from the shore or from a floating tube.

Family Fishing Package (1 day)

to finish with everything from choice of baits to handling the fish after you have caught it. A great family activity or for those who wish to learn how to fish.

Fishing in streaming water (1 day)

Gives you the opportunity to go fly fishing, spin fishing and bait fishing in some very interesting waters in Lapland, near our Wilderness Lodge.

A journey to a fly fishing Eldorado (6 days)

Imagine a fabulous silent wilderness with a sparkling clear river. A river where trout and grayling wake sporadically and where watching Mayflies in the midnight sun becomes a mesmerising pastime.

Dry flies in forest Sami country (3 days)

Join us on a very special nature and fishing trip. We will travel far up into the alpine world seeking the large brown trout found far up in this lovely forest river.

On long-distance trails in the wilderness kingdom (6 days)

Join us for a world-class fly fishing trip in three parts.

The Elusive Big Char (2 days)

- Suddenly a red and silvery belly flashed in the depths of the water before me. The fly line cut through the surface while the rod had to work hard to sustain the weight of this colourful char.

Frekko Fishing (1 day)

We fish for salmon, grayling and trout in the rivers Torne, Lainio, Tärendö, Kalix and Kaitum.

Kaitum River (6 days)

"One of Europes most attractive fly fishing waters"

Fishing beneath the midnight sun (5 days)

On an island in the river Muonio , looking out over two countries – Sweden and Finland, lies Rajamaa. We have fully equipped chalets and a restaurant.

An unforgettable close-to-nature fishing experience (3 days)

The source of the Kalix River, in the middle of the Lapland wilderness, offers sport fishing for pike, perch, grayling and trout.

Salmon Fishing (4 days)

Mariebergs Viltfarm is an eco-farm located right on the beautiful, unspoiled Kalix River. We fish in both the Kalix and Torne River depending on where the salmon fishing is best for the season.

Norrskensudden Fishing Camp (7 days)

Norrskensudden Fishing Camp is perfectly located on a peninsula in lake Muskussjön, overlooking the serene nature around.

Pike angling in the Råne River Valley (5 days)

Camp Gäddan Råne River Valley, warmly welcomes you for a relaxing and wonderful pike angling adventure. As our guest you have at your disposal your own island with angling on your doorstep.

Pike angling in crystal clear water (6 days)

In Northern Sweden we find Ljusvattnet – a beautiful little village on the shore of the shallow, productive lake of the same name.