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Pike, Perch, Grayling, Trout


3 650 SEK incl. VAT

Price includes

From 3 650 SEK / person (if 4 persons). The price includes: a fully equipped self catering cottage for 7 nights, plus boat with motor, life jackets and fishing licences and fishing rods for 6 days.

Period offered

25 may - 7 okt 2012

Activity duration

7 days

Other info

In addition to what is included in the price is also an electric motor and sonar for rent. A selection of baits can be purchased. Breakfast, lunch or lunchpkt, dinner can be purchased at the camp restaurant.
Guided by Alban Rengnoult can be booked.

The nearest airports are Ö-vik 140 km, 120 km Lycksele, 110km Vilhelmina and Umeå 180 km.

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Original fishing package.

– Lappland Pro Natur offers one of the best pike fishing experience in Lappland.

The Angermanälven river hides some of the biggest pike in the area.
Fishing with surface lures dominates and delivers spectacular attacks. The average catch is a pike / hour and the chance to get a pike of 90 cm / day is good. All fishing is strictly catch-and-release.

Our camp is located next to some of the best fishing spots. Alban Regnoult, a famous international fishing guide with experience from several seasons of hospitality and guidance, will give all good advices for a successfull. Alban and the many foreign fishing guests give camp in northern rural areas, an international atmosphere focused on fishing.
Your boats are adjacent to the camp, only 100m between your chalet and your boat.
The camp restaurant is fully licensed and serves delicious food in the home-cooked style. For those who want to cook their own food, all five cottages are fully equipped for self catering.

In addition to the water next to the camp, several lakes can be easily accessed by car (average distance is 12km). Fishing for perch, whitefish, trout and grayling can also be excellent!

Welcome to Lappland Pro Natur!

Lappland Pro Natur

Västra Gafsele 144
91991 Åsele
070-680 83 74

The Pike Kingdom (7 days)

In the middle of Lapland, Gafsele is the pike's kingdom. On the Ångermanälven river, the fishing camp Lappland Pro Natur welcomes you.