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Arctic char, Trout, Pike, Perch


119 EUR incl. VAT

Price includes

Price 1 person € 119:- per day, min 3 days. 2 persons € 171:- per day, min 3 days. 3 persons € 223:- per day, min 3 days. 4 persons € 286:- per day, min 3 days. Weekly Package 1 person € 698:- per week. 2 persons € 858:- per week. 3 persons € 1.018:- per week. 4 persons € 1.178:- per week.

Period offered

1 jul - 31 okt 2014

Activity duration

3 days

Other info

Possibility to book transfer with Wilderness Life.

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Wilderness Fishing far away from the civilization

– Fishing in the true wilderness all by yourself

You have exclusive access to our private lake during your whole stay. The package is self-catering but you have the opportunity to buy supplies in the café at the Wilderness Lodge.
Wilderness fishing in a private lake which has very low fishing pressure.

Accommodation in our Wilderness Cottage in very private settings.

Access to simple boat.

Rent of simple fishing equipment and life jackets included.

At the Dolvor Cottage we offer true wilderness fishing far away from civilization. The cottage has a unique location directly on the beach and is about a 1 km hike from the nearest forest road. The fishing rights for Dolvor Lake are sold exclusively to our guests who have purchased the "dolvorpackage". At Dolvor you can enjoy spin fishing, fly fishing or angling which you can do from the beach, our boat or a floating tube.

The lake has a natural population of nice trout, arctic char, pike and bass. In addition, the lake has many exciting coves and crevices. Dolvor is located in the wilderness about an hour's drive from our Wilderness Lodge. In this isolated location you can be sure to find solitude and even have the possibility to explore the other waters in the area that few people visit (note separate fishing permit). In short, this is a true wilderness gem with very limited fishing pressure.

We reserve the right to limit the sale of this fishing package to preserve the true wilderness fishing in Dolvor Lake. Because of the location of the cottage, we recommend that only the more experienced outdoorsmen book this package.

Wilderness Life in Arvidsjaur AB

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Combination package (4 days)

This is a four-day fishing adventure with access to several lakes. The accommodation will be as follows: two days in our comfortable Wilderness Lodge and two days in our Reivo wilderness cottage.

Reivo Fishing Package (3 days)

These lakes (and cottage) are ideal for those who want to experience exciting fishing in the wilderness, yet have civilization nearby.

Guided Fishing Trip (2 days)

The guide leads you to some very exiting waters where few people ever goes.

Fishing in the Lodge Lakes (1 day)

Option to buy full-catering at Wilderness Life Café. The lakes are equipped with a simple boat, it is however also possible to fish from the shore or from a floating tube.

Family Fishing Package (1 day)

to finish with everything from choice of baits to handling the fish after you have caught it. A great family activity or for those who wish to learn how to fish.

Fishing in streaming water (1 day)

Gives you the opportunity to go fly fishing, spin fishing and bait fishing in some very interesting waters in Lapland, near our Wilderness Lodge.