Fishing Experiences in Swedish Lapland

Bright nights, much fishing and little sleep - a good description of Swedish Lapland fishing experiences.

Swedish Lapland has four wild mountain rivers with tributaries, several small forest rivers, crystal clear mountain lakes and deep lakes. In addition, a long coastline with a stunning archipelago. A well-developed services and infrastructure make it easy and safe to experience fishing in any water whatsoever.

Be one of the lucky fisherman who can find their dream fishing with us - there's plenty of room for everyone. Welcome!

Pike, gädda

Pike fishing in Swedish Lapland is hot

During participation in European fairs, we noticed that the interest was huge for our pike fishing. This summer, two French journalists come here to fish for pike and write about their experiences.

EVENT: How to be successful on a international hunting and fishing fair?

This is a seminar that gives you the opportunity to develop your knowledge regarding hunting and fishing fairs. How you should act in your stand and how to make the best of your visit at the fair. Our keynote lecture is Elle Källberg who comes from the company Mässguru, a company that specialises in educating on this subject. 


No events are planned at the moment.


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